The Anatolian Rescue Foundation (ARF) was founded on the principles of protecting and preserving the Anatolian Shepherd dog in the United States of America. We do this by assisting with the rescue, foster, evaluation and dog-centered placement of purebred Anatolian Shepherd dogs domestically.

ARF is supported by fanciers of the Anatolian Shepherd dog breed from across the United States.

Anatolian Rescue Foundation - Mission Statement

The Anatolian Rescue Foundation Inc, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, is dedicated to the health and well being of all pure-bred Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. Our main objectives are to contribute to the educational process by encouraging responsible breeding and responsible dog ownership, and to work with Anatolian breeders and other rescue organizations in the placement and re-homing of rescued purebred Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every pure-bred Anatolian Shepherd Dog has the chance to live a life that they deserve.


The health and well being of all purebred Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. Educating on responsible breeding and responsible dog ownership. 


Every Anatolian in a home with a purpose and mutual respect.