Breeder Rehomes

These are courtesy listings for breeders who have, per their contracts, taken dogs of their breeding back, and are rehoming them.

Meet Sibelius

Sibelius came through his evaluation with flying colors!

He is not dog reactive, does not resource guard, is good with people, children, & animals. He does want to play with poultry, so he’ll need work in that regard. He’s fine with pigs & cows, is overly interested in cats. He has not harmed a cat though. He works well with a female partner(s), males not so much. He has not offered to climb or dig out of the fencing where he is at currently.

Currently he is working with weaned piglets. He would be best suited as a companion or companion/livestock guardian on a small farm. He likes the company of people & to be involved. He’s very much a puppy still. He does need someone that knows dogs & will guide him as to what he’s suppose to do & not let him get away with things. Experience with LGDs is best, as he is not for a first time Anatolian owner.

He is currently 16mths old. He is fawn with a black mask & a large boy. He has basic obedience & is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, & microchipped. He will be neutered before being rehomed. There is a rehoming fee.
Currently out west with a friend.

Please contact:
Teresa Rogowski
Columbus, OH 43224